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United Kingdom, Thursday 11th March 2021

SHARP today announced the launch of its 2021 range of home appliances across laundry, dishwashing and cooling, with new innovations aiming to put the ease back into home life.

SHARP’s new range combines innovative technology, intuitive controls and sleek design with a focus on sustainability and energy-saving –meaning you can reduce your footprint while spending less time on household chores.

SHARP’s Advanced Inverter Motor’s (AIM) brushless technology means laundry and dishwashing appliances across the range are quieter and more efficient for longer lasting, more ecologically friendly performance.Each AIM appliance is backed by a 10-year motor warranty, giving you reliable performance you can trust.

Laundry - SHARP ES-NFH014CWC

Available from AO from £369

SHARP’s flagship 10kg 1400rpm washing machine’s fresh new look features a large handle-less door design for easy loading and an on-trend design.

A 26-minute steam option offers an even more hygienic wash thanks to the infusion of steam at a high temperature, reducing bacteria and leaving garments refreshed withless creases.

The Allergy Smart cycle is powered by an algorithm that provides 99.9% hygiene protection, reducing common allergens and bacteria such as dust mites, pollen, fungi and E-coli and was awarded the Seal of Approval by Allergy UK.

A must-have for the environmentally conscious, SHARP’s flagship model comes with Eco-Logic Technology that detects when the washing machine is half-loaded so energy and water consumption can be automatically reduced by up to 50%.

Dishwashing - SHARP QW-NA26F39DW/I 


Available from  AO from £369

SHARP’s freestanding 60cm full size SuperQuiet 39db dishwasher takes the hassle out of dishwashing.

IntelliWash uses smart technology to intelligently measure the levels of turbidity in the water, providing maximum performance by applying the optimum washing temperature and time according to the load.

The EcoWash setting uses the dishwasher’s independent upper and lower baskets within load options, saving energy and decreasing water consumption whilst the Dual ProWash program uses Advanced Inverter Motor technology to tackle the dirtiest of pans and wash delicate crockery all in one load.

Turbo Drying utilises a hot air fan and condensation unit to improve drying by 19%, while the Hygiene Program eliminates 99.9999%of all bacteria and is tested and approved by the International German Test Institute VDE. Plus, all SHARP dishwashers come fitted as standard with an advanced Antibacterial Filter.

Cooling – SHARP SJ-EX820F2SL

Available from AO and Costco from £1,049

Indulge in this dream American-style four door; its high-tech premium cooling features make this SHARP the ultimate in home-refrigeration.

Hybridcooling utilises two cooling systems to circulate cool air evenly around the fridge and ensure optimum moisture levels, while the AG+CU Nano Deodorizer system uses silver and copper ions to suppress odours and bacteria. These features work in tandem to keep food fresher for longer, maintaining texture and taste, keeping vegetables crunchy and fresh and fruit perfectly ripe to save you money on waste.

SHARP’s J-Tech Inverter technology 36-speed compressor offers precise cooling power, resulting in less noise, less energy consumption and lower temperature variations through out storage. Simply put, it can run very low when it doesn’t need to be on and be extremely powerful when it quickly needs to reduce the temperature again, for example after the door has opened on a hot day.

The freezer’s AdvancedNoFrost removes the need to defrost and OdourNeutral technology means air flows between the fridge and freezer are kept completely separate to eliminate frost build up and odour mixing.

SHARP has also released a new line of tumble dryers, which feature exciting specs and include capabilities such as on-screen indicators to mark when loads are finished and delay timers so it will finish just as you walk through the door.

Hakan Cirak, Head of Sales at SHARP Home Appliances UK, said: “In 2020 we learnt how important it is to make a house a home and we hope these new products will take some of the everyday stresses out of our customers’ daily lives and leave more room for living.

The technology in our new range of SHARP home appliances has been developed to improve and enhance life in the homes, delivering SHARP products that are more efficient, intuitive and effective than everbefore.”

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SHARP’s 2021 range is available from AO and Costco in a variety of sizes and colourways.

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About SHARP Home Appliances Europe
Strengthened by their pan-European licensing agreement, Vestel and Sharp have reinforced their manufacturing power and further extended their renowned engineering capabilities. Using their design expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, Vestel develop,manufacture and market Sharp branded home appliances in Europe.

Sharp Home Appliances draws on its heritage to make products to improve and enhance life in the kitchen. An international company that has an ambition to change the home appliance market, Sharp is focused on delivering a business that places the customer at its heart: determined not just to make great products, but to improve the experience of owning them.